Hi Anton,

On 25/02/18 14:19, Anton Gladky wrote:
> Hi Leo,
> thanks for the work on those packages! Sure, we can drop
> the v5 already. But I think we need to request transition window
> for that change.

Well, if you agree please could you upload exp2 that it's in git? I have added a
lot of changes that you can review in git. I have added myself as Uploader. If
you don't agree, delete me!!!!

And about the name, yes, if it's in experimental, we can try to request a

> Also, very important to be sure that the current freecad can be
> built against both of these libs.

yes, but I need first soqt done to test it. Probably a lot of things will fail.



> Regards
> Anton
> 2018-02-20 17:53 GMT+01:00 Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <l...@alaxarxa.net>:
>> Hi Anton and Debian-science list,
>> I have been working with Coin3 and SoQt.
>> In Coin3 I have made small modifications to include cmake files. Pushed in
>> experimental branch, not in the archive.
>> Don't you think that maybe we should drop the v5 part?
>> In SoQt, I have been able to create in the Qt5 branch a version that uses the
>> Coin3 from experimental exp2, just in git and build a SoQt that depends on 
>> Qt5.
>> I have dropped and renamed some files and packages soqt-common.
>> Please, could you check one eye on it? if you want, not need to push changes,
>> just tell me what do you miss and I'll prepare a new version to push in
>> experimental.
>> Thanks,
>> Leopold

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