Hello Aaron, Andreas, everyone,

Aaron M. Ucko wrote:
> - There is a file named clean in the top-level directory, throwing make
>   off.  You can unconfuse it by adding the following lines (at minimum)
>   to debian/rules:
> .PHONY: clean
> clean:
>       dh clean
Yep. Done.
> - The build process winds up modifying src/MyCPackConf.cmake and
>   src/ToulbarVersion.hpp.  You can compensate by copying the files
>   elsewhere before configuring the tree, and moving them back when
>   cleaning them up:
> override-dh_auto_configure:
>       mkdir debian/orig
>       cp -f src/MyCPackConf.cmake src/ToulbarVersion.hpp debian/orig/
>       dh_auto_configure
> override-dh_auto_clean:
>       mv -f debian/orig/* src/
>       rmdir debian/orig
>       dh_auto_clean
Good catch!

Even with these additions to debian/rules, I think it would compile an
improper version number, built from a git hash from the salsa git repo
instead of the last commit of the upstream repo.

So I patched the CmakeList file to prevent regeneration. There was
already a quilt patch for it. Easy.

I just pushed.

Kind regards

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