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LTS/triage CVE-2014-5209/ntp

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@@ -250541,8 +250541,11 @@ CVE-2014-5210 (The av-centerd SOAP service in 
AlienVault OSSIM before 4.7.0 allo
        NOT-FOR-US: AlienVault OSSIM
 CVE-2014-5209 (An Information Disclosure vulnerability exists in NTP 4.2.7p25 
private ...)
        - ntp 1:4.2.8p3+dfsg-1
+       [jessie] - ntp <ignored> (can be worked around by disabling mode in 
        NOTE: Starting with 4.2.8, mode 7 is marked as deprecated and disabled 
by default,
        NOTE:   treat this as the fixed version here
+       NOTE:
+       NOTE:
 CVE-2014-5208 (BKBCopyD.exe in the Batch Management Packages in Yokogawa 
CENTUM CS 30 ...)
        NOT-FOR-US: Batch Management Packages in Yokogawa and Exaopc
 CVE-2014-5202 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in 
compfight-search.php in th ...)

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