I've been playing around with the scp and sftp components of putty and
noticed what I consider a security hole.  Winscp does the same thing. 
The user can change to directories above their home.  Is there a way to
chroot them like you can in an ftp config file?  I don't see anything in
the sshd config files.  If you can't, how can I disable the scp
functionality?  I'm not talking about scp from the linux box.  The users
don't have shell access so that's not a problem.  I'm referring to
remote people using a scp client to access my linux machine.  You can
disable sftp ability by removing the sftp-server program but the scp
server part seems to be part of sshd.

I did not see anything about this issue on the openssh web site. 
Anybody got any suggestions?

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