>>> Why are you trying to use a UP kernel on that machine?
>> could you please read the whole bug report? There is no installer with a
>> SMP Kernel. And that's why this BR is grave, it is not possible to
>> install Debian on a machine with US III or later processors, so this
>> affect every US achine which is sold at the moment and every machine one
>> would buy at ebay these days.

> What evidence of this do you have?

Take a look at the processor specifications for the US III as published
by sun, link is in this bug report - as far as I understand it it is not
possible to run machines which are using pairs of CPUs without SMP
kernels - I've written enough about the reasons in older mails. We're
talking about 10 machines from
http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Systems/eolSystemList.html - which
are the machines you get from ebay these days. Also at least 10 machines
from http://www.sun.com/servers/index.jsp?tab=2 - please note that we're
not talking about workstations or small servers here.

If you don't want to see Debian (or Ubuntu) on more serious machines
(I'm thingking about postgres for example - which should perform very
well on this architecture), please lower the severity again.

If you want to support Debian find somebody who can tell you if it's in
theory possible to run a non-SMP kernel on those machines and then
forward the bug to upstream, or add a comment that it is not possible
and reassign the bug to d-i. If you don't want to take care of this,
I'll do so.

Bernd Zeimetz
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