The attached patch disables incremental builds on sparc64 and resolves
the issue for me. It would be good if the patch could be applied for
the time being until we have investigated what causes the issues with
incremental builds on sparc64.

I will definitely test newer upstream versions of Rust which have received
some improvements for incremental builds and as well as report a bug
report upstream if the issue persists.


 .''`.  John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
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Description: Disable incremental builds on sparc64
 Incremental builds are currently unreliable on sparc64,
 disable them by default for the time being.
Last-Update: 2018-04-09

--- cargo-0.25.0.orig/src/cargo/core/manifest.rs
+++ cargo-0.25.0/src/cargo/core/manifest.rs
@@ -633,6 +633,9 @@ impl Profile {
             debuginfo: Some(2),
             debug_assertions: true,
             overflow_checks: true,
+	    #[cfg(target_arch = "sparc64")]
+            incremental: false,
+	    #[cfg(not(target_arch = "sparc64"))]
             incremental: true,

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