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On 07/03/2018 05:38 PM, Chris Ross wrote:
> As I was mentioning in other threads, I was getting grub installed onto the
> "normal" sun-labeled ext2/4 partitioned disk in my T5120.  Working with
> Eric (https://github.com/esnowberg/grub2-sparc/issues/14) he helped me
> figure out that grub wasn't working because the kernel in /boot was gzip'd.

Any reason why you aren't just using the normal Debian procedure to setup
and install GRUB?

> Is there something that's told Debian that I want my kernels in /boot to be
> gzip'd?  Is there a way to make it _not_ do that, since grub apparently
> needs them not to be gzip'd on this machine?

Debian stores its kernel compressed by default and I don't see how this is
supposed to be a problem. All SPARCs that we have installed with Debian
for sparc64 are using the grub2 package from Debian with a compressed


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