>>Alle sabato 14 luglio 2018, sacarde ha scritto:
> I run:
> - "obdiag" and "show-devs" from openboot
> ( I view: PCI..../ebus@1/SUNW,CS4231@14,200000 )
> - pavucontrol (from root): (I view: establishing connection to pulseaudio,
> please wait)
> - I try loggin with root (in lxde) ,  and sound works OK !
> but with "sacarde" user I have no sound
> p.s.
> root and sacarde users are both in "audio" group

I found the problem...(not sparc specific)
I hear sound only if pulseaudio not works
if I kill pulseaudio I can hear from commands: mplayer or mpg123



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