Quicl status update on running current Sid on my Ultra 1 200E (w/ 1
GiB of RAM and an horizontal FFB2+ in the UPA slot).

Upgrading my old install to what was available august 11, including
kernel 4.6, went just fine. The machine boots with Silo, and
everything is fine.

Trying to install from the 2018-05-18 image doesn't work. The system
hangs after displaying "starting syslogd, klogd". I tried
BOOT_DEBUG=3, the first two shells are fine - and it seems the disks
are seen on the ESP SCSI. Immediately after the second shell, the
syslogd/klogd line, and then nothing.

So I used multistrap again to do another install on a second drive and
try grub2. Booted from the Silo on the first drive, the new install
works fine (with kernel 4.17, though it seems to hand on reboot).
However, I can't get grub2 to boot it :-(
1) when grub starts, after "GRUB Loading kernel....", I have two error lines:
error: out of memory.
error: no suitable video mode found.
then I get the menu just fine anyway.
2) after selecting the Debian entry from the menu I get:
Recalibrate failed. The floppy drive is either missing, improperly
connected, or defective.
error: unable to open /sbus/@1f,0/SUNW,fdtwo@f,1400000.
and then nothing.
Sometimes I get a second error, but mentioning a path to a hard drive
- "/sbus/SUNW,fas@e,8800000/sd", with the final @0,0 (or @1,0)
missing. I'm not able to reproduce this second error at the moment,
don't know why.

This is the same kernel & initrd as with Silo - so it is known to work
on this machine...


Romain Dolbeau

Romain Dolbeau

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