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> :-(  I'm sorry to hear about this.  I'd been happy to think that if I backed
> off of worrying about a mirrored /boot, and just used a RAID1 as you did,

So far I don't even use RAID1 - ZFS is on a single disk, with /dev/sdd1
as the boot partition (ext2) and /dev/sdd2 as the root pool. I'd like
to move to a mirrored /boot (using std linux mdraid) + mirrored zpool,
but I don't want to destroy my non-ZFS install, as the ZFS install
isn't very stable (yet).

I've managed to boot ZFS again the beast, at last. The name of the pool
was no longer in grub.cfg, some packages had been removed at one
point (zfs-dkms among them, so no more module), the console=ttyS0
mask some messages (but allows for a prompt later...),and probably
some other stuff that I forgot. Removal of packages might be related
to the availability of spl-dkms in sid (but not zfs-dkms), which was
incompatible with my version. Not sure what was the original cause
of the problem, as I dist-upgraded the install to today's version
before trying (and succeeding) to boot again.

And more good news - the motherboard I got for cheap on ebay
from Germany works fine, so now I have 8 cores @ 1.4 GHz instead
of 4 @ 1.2 GHz :-)


Romain Dolbeau

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