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You are kindly invited to participate and to submit an Abstract, Paper,
Invited Talk and/or an Invited Session (3-6 papers) to the forthcoming
Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Conference
(ASMDA2019) and the Demographics2019 Workshop (11-14 June 2019, Florence,
Italy, ). The venue is in Grand Hotel Adriatico in a
central place of Florence with many nearby attractions and accommodation


Proposals for Plenary and Keynote talks are welcomed.


Note that the ASMDA and SMTDA Conferences started many years earlier (the
first ASMDA was organized in 1981 in Brussels, Belgium) and our email lists
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The publications of the conference include:

1. The Book of Abstracts in Electronic and in Paper form

2. Electronic Proceedings in the web in a permanent website

3. Publications in International Journals

4. Publications in edited Books


For more information and Abstract/Paper submission and Special and Invited
Session Proposals please visit the conference website at: or send email to

-The same event will host the Demographics2019 International Workshop
( ). The main focus in on Health
State and the optimal retirement age.


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On behalf of the Conference Committee


The Conference Secretariat


New Book on “Exploring the Health State of a Population by Dynamic Modeling

This is the 45 Volume of the Springer Series on Demographic Methods and
Population Analysis <> 


New Book on “Demography and Health Issues: Population Aging, Mortality and
Data Analysis”

This is the 46 Volume of the Springer Series on Demographic Methods and
Population Analysis <> 


Several ASMDA publications are already in the market starting from the
Kluwer publication of 1995 now provided by Springer 

Whereas the “Advances in Stochastic Modelling and Data Analysis” in
Birkhäuser (2010) has more than 57000 downloads in the e-edition.


More details and documentation from 





ASMDA and SMTDA Conferences


ASMDA 1981 Brussels, Belgium

ASMDA 1983 Brussels, Belgium

ASMDA 1985 Brussels, Belgium

ASMDA 1988 Nancy, France

ASMDA 1991 Granada, Spain

ASMDA 1993 Chania, Crete, Greece

ASMDA 1995 Dublin, Ireland

ASMDA 1997 Anacapry, Italy

ASMDA 1999 Lisbon, Portugal

ASMDA 2001 Compiègne, France

ASMDA 2005 Brest, France

ASMDA 2007 Chania, Crete, Greece

ASMDA 2009 Vilnius, Lithuania

SMTDA 2010 Chania, Crete, Greece

ASMDA 2011 Rome, Italy

SMTDA2012 Chania, Crete, Greece

ASMDA 2013 Mataró (Barcelona), Spain

SMTDA2014 Lisbon, Portugal

ASMDA 2015 Piraeus, Greece

SMTDA 2016 Valletta, Malta

ASMDA 2017 De Morgan House, London, UK

SMTDA2018 Chania, Crete, Greece

ASMDA2019 Florence, Italy




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