On Sunday 2019-01-27 20:25, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>>>> On a side note: As you also added sparc, say, is it planned to revive
>>>> the 32bit sparc userland? :-)
>>> oh please .. no.
>> Although I don't have much of a preference for 32bit sparc userland, as
>> there is no kernel support for old SPARC gear, but anything substantial
>> on why not, Dennis?
> I enjoy historical and archaeological computing as much as the other old
> grey beard suspender wearing UNIX geeks but it is largely just a waste
> of time.  A curiosity to be sure. However nothing more. At least we have
> 32-bit ppc FreeScale and Motorola type hardware literally everywhere but
> I have not seen 32-bit sparc in the wild for at least a decade.

Running ILP32 software on a 64-bit CPU sure seems unpopular these days...
(but it's still half the memory and bandwidth nonwithstanding the
beating x32 took not too long ago).

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