On 1/28/19 8:01 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 1/28/19 1:52 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
I thought about something like this since Mark reported the bootstrap
limits in OpenBIOS. It could in principle work similar to the switch
between non-GPT and GPT capable SPARC hardware ([1]).

I don't understand this argument. GRUB works on PowerPC Macs and is
fully supported or am I missing something? I also works fine on SPARC
hardware with Sun partition tables.

Unless you want to install on very old SPARC hardware, there is no
need to carry SILO around. Our tests have shown that GRUB works on
any 64-bit SPARC hardware which means that anything going back to
the mid-90ies is supported.

Has anyone tried a newer Oracle Netra T4 class server? I have one ( or
two ) of those in my life and could give it a whirl.  Not too sure how
to get it to boot over the network and I may have to resort to an actual
physical DVD however.


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