On 4/25/19 9:30 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> Ah now I see - since your PROM supports gpt directly then that's how boot.S 
> works.
> Presumably then it must be diskboot.S with blocklist support that gets used 
> for older
> machines such as QEMU's sun4u?

Makes sense, yes.

> Okay so reviewing the genisoimage man page again I think you should be able 
> to use
> the blocklist approach for the CDROM: install grub into 
> /boot/grub/sparc64.elf on the
> ISO9660 partition, then generate a cdrom.img using diskboot.S that starts 
> with your
> a.out bootloader and includes the block list for sparc64.elf taken from the 
> ISO9660
> partition.

FWIW, the filename "sparc64.elf" is arbitrarily chosen by me and probably wrong
anyway. Looking at the sources for grub-install [1], the proper name would 
be "boot.img".

> The part that needs to be checked here is whether diskboot.S (and indeed your 
> disk and cdrom aliases) contain the slice because the blocklist needs to come 
> from
> the "raw" disk device since sparc64.elf is being pulled from a different 
> slice.
> Adding some code to boot.S to display bootpath will be helpful here. But then
> presumably this is the same as the blocklist configuration above anyhow?

I have read the genisoimage manpage and I have to admit, I haven't fully 
yet how it is supposed to work. It seems we have to specify the bootloader code
with -G, thus -G cdboot.img. But -B is apparently used to pass a whole directory
name which means I don't understand how genisoimage knows which is the second
stage bootloader.

For SILO, the design seems more obvious with the path of the second stage boot
loader hardcoded into the source code [2]. But for GRUB, I still don't 
how it's supposed to work. Maybe it has "boot.img" hardcoded somewhere and tries
to load boot.img from the partition specified with -B.


> [1] http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/grub.git/tree/util/grub-install.c#n1719
> [2] 
> https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/silo.git/tree/first-isofs/isofs.c

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