On 5/9/19 4:20 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 5/9/19 10:18 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
I had some S7-2 units in a project and was fairly impressed with what
they could do. Of all things they were MySql servers and with fibre
attached storage they were really impressive units.

Just curious if anyone has seen or tried this sort of hardware with a
Debian installer image.

I only know of Oracle folk who have these machines and they told me that
Debian installs just fine inside an LDOM on these machines.

Ah, good to know. If I see another project with that sort of hardware
then I would snag a unit for testing.

I would take an S7 in a heartbeat, but they are currently too expensive.

They are the lightweight T7 sort. Regardless, not competitive with Xeon.
The new SPARC T8 looks to be a supercomputer monster slayer. With the
older M-series gear I was running LACP over bonded 10Gbit for storage
and that worked very very well. The real issue was that the price was
simply over the top for trivial implementations and most managers just
don't "see" the value in long term rock solid stability. The S7 units
were used as backend transaction processors and MySql ran amazingly
well there.

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