On 8/15/19 8:41 AM, Gregor Riepl wrote:
>> Testing for "( defined(__sun) && defined(__SVR4))" actually assumes that
>> Solaris runs on SPARC only which is not the case. Solaris runs on x86
>> as well and x86 doesn't have these alignment issues. Hence, the proper
>> way is to detect the architecture and not the opering system.
> Doesn't that contradict with what the patch does?
> (...)
> This merely adds a test for the SPARC architecture, but still keeps the
> special case for Solaris. Hence it will still enable alignment on Solaris/x86.

Well, you're quoting part of my mail only which is where the confusion comes
from. In the text, I'm actually saying that the current patch is certainly
not the best approach.

I am providing a patch to fix this issue in Debian and usually those patches
are minimally invasive so that the maintainer easily understands what they
are doing. At the same time, I'm suggesting a more generic approach for the
fix that should be used upstream instead of the patch I'm providing for

So, yes, the attached patch doesn't fix Solaris x86, but it's a Debian-specific
patch anyway and will never be relevant for Solaris x86. It's up to upstream
whether they are using the more generic approach where they replace __sun
with __sparc which is what I suggested upstream [1].


> [1] https://tug.org/pipermail/tlbuild/2019q3/004551.html

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