On 23.03.21 17:30, Connor McLaughlan wrote:

can anyone possible give a list of known stable kernel versions for
SPARC machines? (is there a difference necessary between
architectures/old vs. newer machines? sun4u/sun4v)?

Also this instability manifests such that the machine is crashing during
high workload? (halting? rebooting?)

I ask, because on three different SPARC machines i have been
experiencing a weird effect when using debian:
I would start a high compiling load for several days (7-10) where the
machines are running fine without any apparent error visible in dmesg or
somewhere else.
Then when i power off tand on again, the filesystem would be corrupt and
sometimes impossible to repair without reinstallation.

Can you be sure that your used disks are in full working order? Maybe
you have bad sectors on them and their EOL is nearing, manifesting in
these FS errors? I assume the more accesses you have on your disks the
more a problem is prone to show up. And the accesses happening during
compile runs could be already too much for your disks. If you have
enough RAM, you could try to run your compile jobs in a RAM disk and
check if this makes a difference.

This seems to only happen when the machines do a long run with high
workload and seemingly not when i just power them off again for night
with no high workload.

I believe the error this thread is about is unrelated to what you
experience on your machines. This because the problem happens early on
when the root FS is to be mounted.


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