>> Actually... most of what I did was concerned with making the package
>> buildable again. It contained some cruft and needed a bit of cleanup and
>> re-alignment.
> OK. If you have a patch for that, please post it to the list as this will
> help me save some time.

I mainly updated standards and debhelper, then fixed the lintian errors
that cropped up.

The previous maintainers also removed some files from the upstream
tarball (mainly automake/autoconf intermediates), that caused me some
trouble with gbp. So I simply added them back.

The patch can be found here:

I suppose I can produce a squashed patch from the rest.

>> If I remember correctly, the XAA patch actually came from upstream, but
>> wasn't properly released due to deprecation.
> Good to know, thanks.

Researching a bit...

Someone patched this directly, but the change wasn't in the upstream
tarball that Debian used, so caused some build trouble:
I reverted this here:
Then re-introduced it as a patch:

> Using sbuild or pbuilder is not a matter of preference but building the 
> package in
> a clean environment so it doesn't depend on packages from your day-to-day 
> system
> which may not be available on other systems.

Using containers seems to be the better choice to me, at least when
working on packages locally. I should definitely give
https://manpages.debian.org/testing/debspawn/debspawn-build.1.en.html a
try. Hopefully it also works on sparc64...

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