Curiously, I didn't see other people's replies to my message, probably
due to not being subscribed. I figured at the point where I just
bought another SPARC, I might as well...

I've done some digging into it. The short version is that commit
7d5ec3d3 introduced the readl() at
, and for reasons that are currently opaque to me not being familiar
with low-level SPARC details, that dies in a fire.

Just short-circuiting it to 1 instead of calling readl() seems to
function fine for my system, but isn't a great general solution...

(Bonus fun - my T5140 is currently booting from a /boot on a USB drive
and a / on an LSI SAS2 PCIe controller because A) the onboard SAS1
card is faulted and not obviously fixable, and B) I only figured out
how to get the SAS2 disks to show up as a bootable device by loading
the FCode blob onto the card after I did the install...I should
probably migrate that at some point.)

Last bit of fun is that Linux seems to be misinterpreting the
local-mac-address? setting and just unconditionally overriding
_everything_'s MAC with the system's, whether it's set to true or
false. (Amusingly, the "niu" driver has special casing for this and
instead of setting everything to e.g. 00:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa, sets the
first port to 00:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa, second to 00:aa:aa:aa:aa:ab, and so

- Rich

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 3:39 AM John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
<> wrote:
> Hello Rich!
> On 11/16/21 04:19, Rich wrote:
> > Anybody have a suggestion for how to not get burned by this? I can try
> > just booting older and older snapshots, but I only have so many
> > burnable discs.
> Try this image which has a 4.19 kernel which is known to be less problematic
> on older SPARCs:
> >
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