On 1/5/22 18:02, Drew Parsons wrote:
> cython previously built on sparc64 for bullseye (stable) at version 0.29.21-3
> Now (for version 0.29.24-2), cython is marked "Not For Us" on sparc64
> and is no longer building.

The package is currently blocked on sparc64 because the testsuite kept crashing
the host system and no solution was found yet. It seems that the testsuite will
put a lot of strain on the host system when the machine has many CPU cores which
is true for most sparc64 systems we use.

> python3.10 is still building for sparc64.  A lot of python packages
> need cython, it would be a shame not to let them be available any
> more.

I will build the current version manually for now with the testsuite disabled 
upload the package.

The sparc64 porterbox is currently offline but it will be replaced with a newer,
faster one within the next weeks. The new server has already been acquired. Then
we can have another look at the package and maybe figure out how to fix the 


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