Thanks for the response!  I guess I didn't make it clear, but I am able to
netboot both the Etch and Woody installers off my TFTP server, the install
process goes just fine, but I can't find any option in either to install to
a NFS share.  I hit a dead end with either installer since they can't find
a disk to install to,  and I can't find an option to give the installer the
path to the NFS share.

I found one blog where someone wrote that they did an install this way--but
not how.  It seems like this would be the nicest way to do the installs if
it could be figured out, but my searching has turned up no clue how I would
go about it.

I will read up on the initrd and see if I can figure out where to get or
how to make one that will work.


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