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On 1/31/22 11:47, Tom Turelinckx wrote:
> I had previously given up on migrating to GRUB, as I couldn't get it to work 
> with RAID1 boot and root
> partitions on disks with a Sun disk label. I still can't get that working but 
> I'll start a separate thread
> for that.

I suggest asking on the GRUB mailing list upstream. You will find more GRUB 
experts there. You could also
CC one of the authors of the SPARC code in GRUB, Eric Snowberg.

> As this SPARC T4-1 is able to boot from disks with GPT/EFI disk label, I've 
> converted the disks to use
> a GPT/EFI label with a dedicated BIOS boot partition and installed GRUB using 
> the instructions at [2].
> It is working fine with RAID1 boot and root partitions and with newer Debian 
> kernels.

debian-installer defaults to GPT partition tables on T4 and newer automatically.

> It would still be nice to know why newer Debian kernels fail to boot with 
> SILO, but I don't know how
> to debug ERROR: Last Trap: Fast Data Access MMU Miss.

You would have to ask the SILO developers upstream. I think you can post on the 
sparclinux LKML for that.

> This Debian bug report can be closed as resolved by migrating from SILO to 



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