Source: abseil
Version: 0~20210324.2-2
Severity: normal
Usertags: sparc64


abseil's testsuite fails on several targets such as sparc64 since it
makes some assumptions about the system information it can obtain from
sysfs such as the CPU clock (which is bogus anyway because that output
is not standardized) and consequently blocks reverse dependencies
like llvm-toolchain-snapshot.

Could you make sure that abseil builds on every platform possible, i.e.
by disabling the testsuite so that we don't run into the issue that
reverse dependencies become BD-Uninstallable? [1]

PS: I tried running the testsuite from abseil from git to look into the
    failure but that doesn't work, even with -DBUILD_TESTING=ON.


> [1] 

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