Hello Adrian,

thank you for your reply.  Health comes first, please take your time
to get well.

I encountered the usr-merge problem i guess when i first tried to set
up a separate /usr partition. This will abort the installation with an
error saying one needs an initramfs.
After repartitioning without the use of a /usr partition, this error
came not up anymore.

After that i encountered the error of my post above which seems to be caused by
2.34-7 https://packages.debian.org/de/sid/libc-bin
2.34-7 https://packages.debian.org/de/sid/locales-all

not matching to 2.35-1 https://packages.debian.org/de/sid/locales

During installation i chrooted into /target, installed 2.34-7
locales-all and locales manually and had to set them to hold with

I was then able to proceed and complete the installation for now. (to
be further tested, but the installer showed no further error).


On Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 5:26 PM John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
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> Hello!
> On 9/25/22 15:56, Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> > This worked earlier this year but currently fails with the updated
> > files from debian servers during tasksel as follows:
> This might be related to the ongoing usr-merge but I'm not sure. I'm
> planning to publish new installation images next week. Cannot do it
> earlier as I am currently lying in bed with a cold.
> Adrian
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