Good morning,

Do you have a requirement for aluminium die-cast parts?

As a casting manufacturer, we provide you with comprehensive service - from 
mould design, through fabrication to delivery of the machined casting with 
dimensional and weight accuracy to your specifications.

The large range of casting machines allows us to produce from small parts right 
up to large parts weighing 3 kg. We use automatic casting cells to provide you 
with reproducible part quality when producing large series.

With our own Research and Development department in the German toolmaking 
facility and three different production plants in Poland, Germany and Sweden, 
we flexibly adapt to your needs.

A large team of specialists with decades of experience in foundry engineering 
will provide you with support at every stage of your order and expertise on 
part feasibility, tool life and avoidance of quality problems.

Due to the fully automated process, small batch production becomes unprofitable 
for both us and your business, so we are keen to work with industrial companies 
that require min. 50,000 pieces per year and with automotive partners from 
100,000 pieces per year. 

If you see an opportunity for cooperation, please send me a feedback message.

Aidan Wallace

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