I know this list is not for user support questions related to ssh, but, so 
far, I have not found a currently active list for that purpose.

Is anyone here aware of a list for that purpose?

I am in the process of writing a rather long post with my understanding of how 
ssh certificate authentication works, which includes some implied questions and 
such, and would like to find one or more people willing to read (or at least 
skim) the the post and vet it.

If I can't find such a list, I will almost certainly post it to debian-user and 
maybe also here if there is not a strong objection -- I'll put something like 
"OT: user support" in the subject field and anyone who doesn't want to see it 
can ignore it (I think ;-)

(I just subscribed to this list, and I did search the archives for "support" 
and "user support" without findng anything useful (I didn't examine all 700 
hits that turned up for "support".)

Have a good day!

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