Hi all,

I guess one more pair of eyes is never a bad thing. I will try to get things done as soon as possible for you to review, Volodymyr.

Best regards,


On 05/27/2016 10:57 PM, Holger Wansing wrote:

Volodymyr Shcherbyna <volodymyr.m.shcherb...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello guys,

I can also help to translate the sentences. In case Asalle will do the
translation I can help by doing "translation review" or what is the
alternative for code review in translations ...
I will leave the descision to Asalle, if he needs help with the translation.
But since that's not that much work, probably that will not be.
I will sent you a copy of the pdf output for proofreading, when translation
is done.


with best regards, Volodymyr

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 9:10 PM, Holger Wansing <li...@wansing-online.de>


Asalle <asalle....@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

I would love to do this. Can I get the po file and send you a translated
one? Or should I necessary work with svn?
Yes, I will sent you the po file via private mail (some lists don't like
too big mail attachments).




On 05/27/2016 09:43 PM, Holger Wansing wrote:
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    did not answer. Sorry for cross-posting. ]

Holger Wansing <li...@wansing-online.de> wrote:
Hi all,

We have recently updated the content of Debian refcard for Stretch.

Since the last translator for your language (in CC) did not respond,
I would
like to ask, if you are willing to take the time to update the
for Ukrainian.
That's only 12 short strings to translate for Ukrainian, so not much
A browseable web interface for the subversion repository can be found

You can checkout the source code for refcard with
svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/ddp/manuals/trunk/refcard refcard

Or feel free to drop me a mail, I can sent you the po file via mail,
if you prefer.

Please file a wishlist bug against the refcard package, or sent the
file directly to me, when you have the translation ready.

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

Many thanks


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