Paul Stolp wrote:
I checked in on some bittorrent progress today at lunch, noticed my
I'm not sure the July 19 log snippet is related, but seems likely.
Anyways, I've re-downloaded the files the attacker used and removed (for
I changed all passwords, IP Address, I found the evidence at about
Just wanted to share the need for strong passwords.

I second that recommendation. I always prefer to have passwords with the following features:

Minimum of 8 characters
At least 1 capital letter
At least 1 lower case letter
At least 1 number
At least 1 special character

An example of a good password (though since I'm posting it here, it can no longer be considered good) is:


Meets all the above specifications, plus is readable. Combining special characters to make letters also helps. Though at the moment, I can only think of 3 combinations...

|<  == K
>< == X
|> == P

Anyone else care to add to this little list?

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