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> Incoming from Scarletdown:
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> > An example of a good password (though since I'm posting it here, it can
> > no longer be considered good) is:
> >
> I disagree.  A cracking program is going to attempt to match
> permutations of dictionary words.  This will not add much more time to
> reach the solution.  Better is concatenation of two strings that won't
> match a dictionary pattern:
> b1rDW0rm

What also makes pretty good passwords is shifting your hands around on the
keyboard. Take a simple to remember password (long enough) and then when typing
on the keyboard, don't press the key you need but the on below it to the right
(for example).

slartibartfast becomes:
x.zfgl zfgvzxg

Letters to the right of the keyboard is best since they yield plenty of '\]\'///
stuff :)
Also using shift every other letter or such is good.

Be creative and combine different techniques instead of depending on one. A
friend of mine once was complaining that he couldn't think of a decent password,
so I made him this one:


Straight for the ass! (he's a dirty mind)

Passwords are fun ;)


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