On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 03:17:33 -0700 (MST), Didier Caamano
> Hello, I just installed debian testing, and went to install xorg and I
> apt-cache search didn't find it, went to the debian site and looked for
> packages and didn't find it there either.
> Is it xorg supported in Debian? if it's so, do I need to add any line to
> my source list? if 's not, why is supported?

IIRC, attempt to package Xorg for Debian will start after Sarge release.

> I also installed apt-build, everything went smoothly, it downloaded,
> installed, configured as only debian knows how, happiness was everywhere,
> then I went to install a software, and it stop saying that it needed a
> certain parameter in line 6 of apt-build.conf. I went and look the file,
> everything is as I specified in the configuration "wizard" except that the
> sixth line say options= and nothing else. I understand that that line is
> for passing GCC options but I'm not quite good as to know which options
> are those, where to find them or which one is the more appropriate to my
> computer. I have a athlon-xp 2500+ core barton.
> Any suggestion in this topic will be appreciated, good night everyone

You said it, so "man gcc" to list (all?) the options. Probably you
want to enable architecture or CPU type, extesion like 3dnow or sse...


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