On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Colin R. Telmer wrote:

>I have just tried to get two APC Smart UPS v/s 650s up and running in my
>department but unfortunately, genpower does not support the cable,
>2) I have found another non-debian package called apcupsd which does
>   support this cable and most other APC cables. It also supports smart
>   mode which is not supported in genpower.

> Moreover, it is GPLd. I would
>   be happy to package this for debian if there is no objections/some
>   demand. 
>Any comments? Cheers, Colin.
apcupsd is derived from apcd by Pavel Korensky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, but
unfortunately without a configuration file (many parameters selected at
compile time) and without slave support.

I thouroughly hacked apcd for private use adding the following features:
- - Close and reopen logfiles on HUP signal.
- - Make shutdown dependent on the remaining battery load.
- - Slave uses init for shutdown.
- - Master uses shutdown code from lates sysvinit (2.71)
(Not mentioning many code cleanups)

On Sat, 28 Jun 1997, Brian White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I tried using "apcd" at one point which supported smart-signalling.
>Unfortunately, it did system shutdown itself instead of telling the
>system to shut down and this was unacceptable.

I choose to run shutdown by itself because I had to assure that the last
action on master is to shut down the ups. Instead I should probably follow
the genpower approach and supply a small program that does this from the
command line.

Apart from this, apcd is ready as a debian package but I didn't find the
time to upload it, feed the changes back to the upstream maintainer, etc.

Whoever wants this package, drop me an email.

A further project might be a program able to communicate with a java applet
to enable monitoring the ups from any java capable browser. This might then
be a complete functional replacement for APC's power-chute software, and
even better because it will work over the net on any client. But I can't
tell when time allows this...


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