Hi Andre,
> To the OP : both sites (and the links under "Drivers") work with
> Elinks as far as I can see.
yes, elinks is working well and let me download the drivers. But that did not 
answer my question, why lynx ignored the links. 

> I must say, it baffles me that Lynx continues to get more
> mentions than Elinks, Links and W3m together even though they
> render HTML at least as well and usually better that Lynx. Or
> have things changed in recent years ?

Due to your suggestion, I tried elinks. For my personal taste I like the 
colour setting of lynx more. However, I see elinks is also great with another 
GUI philosophie. It reminds me of old packet radio programs in DOS like turbo 
packet, top, stop or  similar written in turbo pascal.

In the past I also tried links, which I also was not so emphazised of, as its 
very simple interface. However, this is a personal meaning, and I believe, 
that other people might love, what I dislike. :)

Thanks for the hint and happy hacking!


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