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> # grep ntfs /etc/fstab
> /dev/sda6 /win/C ntfs-3g
> nofail,users,gid=100,fmask=0111,dmask=0000,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 0
> Already this doesn't work.  I put my /etc/fstab on a USB stick which
> has a VFAT file system on it, and my Windoze made a most satisfying
> chime when I stuck the stick into one of the sockets on my USB
> splitter.   I would give you the whole short text file if I could
> swipe my mouse over it.  But this is no go in Windoze, and I don't
> know how to Copy and Paste in the Windoze world.

The same way you do in any medium-heavyweight Linux DE. Right-click,
menu, or drag and drop. For a text file, open in Notepad (if it has
a .txt suffix, just double-click), highlight, crtl-C, paste with
ctrl-V. Where do you think the Linux DEs got their look and feel from?

>  So I'll just say
> here that my fstab simply enumerates the partitions I made when I
> installed.  Those are /dev/sda3, /dev/sda4, etc.  No mention
> of /dev/sda1, which is I believe called C: in the Windoze world.  I
> have my fstab, on E:, open as I write, but the wretched Notepad pays
> no attention to the Unix 'CR's !  !  Takes me back decades!<G>.  

Use Wordpad.

/etc/fstab doesn't know about any partitions you didn't install with,
even if they're Linux. Systemd will generally mount things, either at
boot or on demand as you explicitly tell it with new fstab entries.
Removable media will generally be automounted under /media/<your
login> and don't need fstab entries. It's the job of grub to pick up
other installed OSes, and boot them. Grub doesn't want to know about
their filesystems.

I don't know the incantation for mounting a Windows partition for a
user, I've never bothered with it. If I run Linux on my Win8a laptop, I
get the partitions mounted automatically with root privileges, and if I
really need to write to one, I open mc with sudo. But I do usually use
a FAT USB stick, and either OS automounts it R/W.


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