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> I'm having another headache...
> I want to make Icedove the default mail client.
> I had this done on the last Jessie system I had (on a now defunct hdd).
> But I can't recall how I did it, if it was with update-alternative or 
> some other means..
> And something that's been bothering me for a while is:
> I can't seem to find or figure out how to list all the alternatives I 
> can manage with update-alternatives.
> I mean, I can get a list for a particular item, like x-www-browser or 
> editor, but I want a list of all those possible things to update 
> (x-www-browser, editor, etc.)
> Is there such a list somewhere?

From the man page,

update-alternatives --get-selections

looks like it should do what you want, at least as far as alternative
groups currently present on the system. (Naturally, because any package
can add a new link group - or the administrator can do it manually, if
desired - nothing can provide a list of every possible link group which
could exist.)

I don't see any obvious sign of a generic "mail client" link group
listed there, though.

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