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Subject: Re: NTFS access on Debian boot

Alan McConnell composed on 2016-09-15 21:02 (UTC-0400):
> Felix Miata composed:

>> I'll provide a seed for you to try to fix on your own. This is from Jessie
>> on a multiboot Dell that includes Windows 10:

>> # grep ntfs /etc/fstab
>> /dev/sda6 /win/C ntfs-3g 
>> nofail,users,gid=100,fmask=0111,dmask=0000,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 0

> Already this doesn't work. 

Of course it doesn't. A seed isn't a fruiting plant. It's not ready for cut and
        Hmm . . . a good aphorism, I guess.

        However, what _does_ work is the command  'blkid'  Its output for my
        /dev/sda3 is: LABEL="OS"!  !   So much for the adherents here of
        os-prober(You know who you are!)

        After further exploration, I found that the command to mount the
        Windoze system is: mount UUID="ddddd . . ." /mnt2.  The 'ddd. . . " is
        a sixteen digit string given by the blkid command.  And /mnt2 is another
        mount point I created, anticipating this use.

        With this I can, as root or as user, cd to /mnt2 and explore the arcana
        of Windows 10.  I didn't try copying to or from /mnt2, since I was
        afraid of disrupting the Windoze system.

        Perhaps a lurking installer maintainer can pick up on this.  It
        shouldn't be hard to set up a grub file with the capacity to install
        Windoze, if desired.  Or to put a mount point into fstab.

of this is irrelevant, because I install and setup Grub myself, writing my own
primary bootloader menu, including in it whatever I please. I can load Grub
from the Windows boot menu if and when I please as well.
        There is an enviable talent!  I don't think I'll need more than I
        presently have.  My hope is still to get jessie working as well as
        wheezy did.  I can now use X11, but I still need to get my jessie
        connected to the Internet.  I have a message about that to reply to.

Thanks, Felix, and best wishes to all you other folk!


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