I've been using Debian for about 6 years now, but today I went to download
Debian Jessie from the "debian.org" website and realized there doesn't seem
to be any link on any of the pages to show what the MD5 checksum is of the
Debian installation CDs! I looked through many of the official Debian
webpages about downloading ISOs that all talk about verifying your MD5sum
but they don't show what the correct checksums are! I eventually found the
link on a StackExchange page, and even when searching the URL on Google, it
doesn't show up on the debian site at all! (
Several people have posted the URL on this mailing list in previous years,
but surely there's a more beginner-friendly way, such as posting a link to
the MD5SUMS file right next to the links to download the ISO files.

Am I just not noticing the obvious link, or does the Debian website really
not give the info about how to verify checksums?

Shervin Emami.

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