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Alan McConnell wrote:

Alas for the days of wheezy, when everything _worked_!!

Wheezy is LTS (though admittedly more successfully for servers), so if
everything Just Worked, and you liked it, why did you change?  There are
indeed valid reasons, but what is yours?

I sense Alan expects everyone here has read and remembers every post he has written. He told us his, though indirectly:

Wheezy was on old puter, with mature hardware supported by FOSS.
Jessie is on new (unspecified model) Dell (with Win10), with unknown hardware with unknown FOSS support.

New puter's design date is *probably* newer than Jessie, which would mean problems can be *expected*, because he's not tried an OS that's newer than his puter, such as Stretch.

Win10 works without problems because Dell made sure of it. Dell didn't do that with Jessie or any other Debian, and probably with no other Linux either.

If Alan wants serious help, he needs to stop keeping his hardware info secret. Ordinarily I would expect he could share the copious output provided by, but it seems to be absent from Jessie, so he would need to find it elsewhere in order to run it, e.g.:
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