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> Howdy all,
> Does anyone know people skilled in education curricula – teachers and
> those who write such curricula – also passionate about software freedom?
> I am wanting to find people skilled in producing primary and secondary
> school curricula, who would be interested in working to make material
> that uses only free software while teaching computing skills to school
> children.
> The intent is to teach technology skills (e.g. computer programming,
> online collaboration) in a manner that schools will find valuable and
> easily adopted, while diligently avoiding any dependence on non-free
> platforms or technologies.
> I know that there must be many people passionate about the issue who
> would read this, but I'm particularly looking for people whose
> profession is to make such material *and* who have this interest.

What about asking over at the Debian-Edu list?


There's also a very quiet Edu announcement list along with a French
and German one via the complete Debian lists page:

https://lists.debian.org/ > https://lists.debian.org/completeindex.html

Just thinking out loud since I'd seen them get a mention via Debian
Publicity or something similar at some point. My apologies in advance
if you've already approached them. :)

Cindy :)

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