Yesterday I was getting random I/O errors for stuff as simple as clear (to clear a terminal), and I got one for halt, even (I manually shut the machine off, and rebooted) haven't seen the problem since then but things are sluggish and weird.
Is this a warning I should heed?
This is on a brand new (3 days) Jessie (8.5) install on an hdd that previously had a Win7 installation and a large storage partition which I was having difficulty mounting on another jessie install on another hdd in this same machine. I put /home on it's own partition and rsynced the /home from the other jessie install, and now that one (the older one) won't boot without going to emergency mode and fscking the disk (haven't even begun to diagnose that,but I'm beginning to worry that both hdds are either done, or about to be.


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