2016-09-13 23:21 GMT+02:00 deloptes <delop...@gmail.com>:
> Frédéric Mesplède wrote:
>> I do not know how I am supposed to connect the phone to my computer...
>> When I use gnome tool [ http://i66.tinypic.com/2912n89.png ] the
>> switch instantly comes back to off position and I cannot turn it on...
> Use bluetoothctl to test these. I spent some time before I was able to use
> bluetooth.
> The problem with the transfer from phone to computer might be the way your
> computer configuration looks like. The easy way to customize it is
> bluetoothctl
> For transfering files you need obex ftp. I've never transferred from phone
> to pc.
> regards

Ok, so for some unexplained reason bluetooth works fine again... I
installed obex ftp but I am not even sure that it solved my problem...
I explored the parameters through bluetoothctl and suddenly bluetooth
was working again. Thank you guys!

By the way, I am new at mailing lists, how do you mark a thread as
solved (just like in the forums)?

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