On Sunday 18 September 2016 19:18:33 Brian wrote:
> On Sun 18 Sep 2016 at 19:31:48 +0200, David Rotger wrote:
> > I've sane installed and running. Sane-find-scanner and scanimage -L
> > detect my scanner,
> That's good. Would you post the output of both these commands and also
> say what scanner (or multi-functional device) you have.
> >             and the test works fine.
> What test are you talking about? Please give any command you used.
> >                                      But when I launch xsane they say
> > that can't find any device. With simple-scan I have the same problem.
> Strange. xsane uses the same information you have from sane-find-scanner
> and scanimage -L as far as I know.

The permissions are often wrong.  Make sure that your user is in the scanner 

Test first whether this is the issue (permissions) by running XSane as root.  
It won't like it - but it will show you whether it is permissions that are 
the problem.


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