On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 17:21:57 -0500
rlhar...@oplink.net wrote:

> My limited G4 data allocation is being depleted much too rapidly for my
> budget.  I suspect that the culprit is the web page of a personal weather
> station (PWS) in which page measurements are updated every ten minutes.  I
> keep a Firefox window open to monitor the web page.
> I do not understand the mechanism, but every time I click on the window or
> tab in which the PWS web page is displayed, I see the latest data, without
> clicking the Firefox RELOAD button.  Thus, it appears to me that the PWS
> web page somehow is notifying Firefox every time the web page is updated,
> and that Firefox is automatically loading the update.
> Is there a way to keep Firefox from automatically reloading this
> particular web page?  Or am I misunderstanding what is happening here?

You could only open the page only when you wish to check the weather, then 
close it.

Some web pages run a JS script when loaded. That script then schedules itself 
to run asynchronously (in the background) every so often. It may be that the 
browser checks for updates/changes far more often than every 10 minutes.

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