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WORKING version:
# Good rsync options for uhuru_backups.
rsync_opts="-av --exclude-from=exclude_list --delete --delete-excluded"

The exclude_list is a file with one excluded directory per line with an asterisk at the end directory name.

     $rsync $rsync_opts $password Uhuru::rsync \
      /root/uhuru_backup/uhuru/home/ > /var/rsync/uhuru.$NOW.log

The daily backup script works fine when run manually as sudo but doesn't complete when run as a root cronjob. I know the script starts because it creates a log. When successful it gives a list of files copied but when run as a cronjob it's blank (0 bytes)

$ sudo crontab -l
20 21 1 * * /root/uhuru_backup/uhuru.monthly.sh > /dev/null
25 21 * * 7 /root/uhuru_backup/uhuru.weekly.sh > /dev/null
30 21 * * * /root/uhuru_backup/uhuru.daily.sh > /dev/null

This should be impossible but I've got the same issue on two backup servers.



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