On Mon 19 Sep 2016 at 13:04:32 +0200, David Rotger wrote:

Relatively small outputs from commands do not need a pastebin. They are
easier to deal with when posted here.

Also, you didn't say whether you are subscribed to the list or how you
are reading list mails.

> The output of sane-find-scanner
> http://pastebin.com/ksghQg26

sane has found a USB scanner. Ok.
> The output of scanimage -L
> http://pastebin.com/bcxt0Cqi

sane has found a driver for the scanner. Ok.

You should now be able to scan from the machine the scanner is plugged
into. Try

  scanimage > file.pnm

Does the scanner operate and do you get file.pnm?

> when I do: service saned restart they out:
> Failed to restart saned.service: Unit saned.service is masked.

That's also Ok.

> and systemctl satatus saned.socket
> http://pastebin.com/xaajGXDf
> What I'm doing wrong!?!?

Is your intention to only scan from the machine the scanner is plugged
into or are you also wanting to scan over the network?


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