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> Test...
> "Build Test" is the directory I downloaded everything into (a.k.a. it
> was the directory I was in when I ran apt-get source nginx-extras)

Based on the error, it looks as if the build process is attempting to
run a command that uses the full path of the build directory, but does
not quote that path; as a result, the space gets treated as a token

The net result is that it attempts to cp the absolute path
'/home/jschaeffer/Build' into the relative path
'Test/nginx-1.6.2-5+deb8u2/auto', which does not exist. (The former path
may well not exist either, but I'd double-check that if I were you.)

To fix this, either modify the build process to quote things
appropriately, or build from under a path which does not contain a
space. (The latter can be accomplished using symlinks, if preferred.)

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