On 09/17/2016 06:37 PM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
On 09/15/2016 12:50 AM, Ric Moore wrote:
On 09/14/2016 04:10 PM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:

Thank you upstream developing and packaging team for replacing the
effected packages. Yay!

These packages have now been upgraded in Sid, 'gir1.2-gtk-3.0,
libgtk-3-0. libgtk-3-bin. libgtk-3-common' if you have been using
testing and where effected you can temp add Sid repos and upgrade the
effected packages, it will pull in a few more packages, but it is fixed.

Rats, that didn't work for me. I am running sid. Something upgraded and
XFCE no longer starts up after boot. I have to open a terminal and enter
startx. Using synaptic I could just start re-installing XFCE packages.
But, it be broken where the drop down menu's and right click no longer
function. Drats. Ric

I was wondering if XFCE4 was infected.  Sorry to hear you're sill having
a problem.I can't take the pain any longer. Going for a full re-install. Ric

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