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On Sun, September 18, 2016 7:10 pm, Seeker wrote:
Is this web page on the PWS or out on the internet?
Is the PWS using the same data connection you are using to access the
web page? Is there advertising on this page?
If you do not leave the page open in a tab, does your data allocation
still get rapidly depleted?

Maybe with more information someone will have an alternative suggestion.

The page is associated with the weather underground:


Looks like some kind of widget/script things to me that keep things up
to date, without requiring a refresh of the page.

Thought I saw something about 10 minutes when I loaded the page earlier
in the morning, but going back later, current status is updated multiple
times per minute, the radar map less often, but not too many minutes in

The advertising cycles as well, so the amount of weather data versus ad
data is a question.

Privacy badger is not an ad blocker, but for this site, blocking the
potential trackers blocks the ads.

With noscript installed/enabled looks like the only thing that loads is
the current conditions and reload/refresh is required to see updated

Later, Seeker

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