On 09/20/2016 12:58 AM, Doug wrote:
On 09/19/2016 11:41 PM, David Wright wrote:
On Sun 18 Sep 2016 at 16:14:37 (-0400), Haines Brown wrote:
I've begun to experience problems using the mouse to select a passage in
a PDF displayed with xpdf 3.03-10 in order to paste it elsewhere.

The ends of lines are truncated to varying degrees. For example in a
PDF with this:


The past might look like

Can you confirm that dragging your mouse produces a black rectangle,
and that the rectangle has the last digits (the ones that get lost)
highlighted thus.

My own experience is all or nothing. What I get correlates with the
output of pdftotext; if that can extract the text, I can copy it
with the mouse, if not then I can't. PDFs I produce with paps, for
example, don't work: I don't know why this is the case.

Actually, there is a third case: the pasted text is garbage. I think
this happens if the fonts are stripped of unused glyphs and then
packed into the minimum number of fonts to save memory. I may be
wrong here, though.

Evince apparently does not support selecting text for copying. This does
not happen on other machines.
My experience here is similar to xpdf but with a few differences: when
it works (the same files do), the selection is line by line (ie like
an xterm) rather than a strict rectangle; if it can't do it, it
doesn't highlight (whereas xpdf "lies": it highlights but fails to
copy); the highlighting may be coloured (white→blue, black→white) or
black (which hides the text).


I just tried a copy and paste from a PDF rendered by Master PDF Editor 3, running on PCLOS-KDE-64. I hi-lited a balance summary of bills paid by PayPal and pasted it into LibreOffice Writer 5.2. All the words were there, but the format was different--multi-line spaces were squeezed to one line space, for instance. I tried pasting the copy into TextMaker 2016, a paid word processor from SoftMakerOffice, with the same result. If Master PDF Editor is not in your repos, it is available from their
web-site. I can't swear that there's a .deb version, however.

If you want an exact copy, you may have to use a screen-capture program, but then you won't be able to make any modifications to the output, except with GIMP, or something similar.

Replying to me: Yes, there is a .deb version on the Master PDF Editor website. Also, I did not mention, but the cut and pasted file when pasted into a word processor is editable by that processor. Or, if you
need to edit the PDF, Master can do that.


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