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> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 06:30:10PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> > 
> > Selection of text from a pdf isn't always possible with evince. Example:
> > 
> >   paps /etc/nssitch.conf > nsswitch.ps
>                 ^^^ probably typo
> >   ps2pdf nsswitch.ps nsswitch.pdf
> > 
> > When it is selectable it isn't necessarily capable of being copied.
> > 
> > Isn't life confusing?
> I can confirm that a pdf produced this way has no usable text to
> select (tested here with xpdf). If you generate the .ps with a2ps
>   a2ps /etc/nsswitch.conf -o nsswitch.ps
> then "it works". Thus, it seems to be paps who's doing something
> strange (and in fact, looking at the Postscript file yields something
> pretty funny. Paps seems to be out-smarting itself.
> Note that a Postscript (or a PDF) can render something which *looks*
> like text, but for all purposes *isn't* a text (for an extreme case,
> think a bitmap image of a text).

Although it is a different topic


backs up your "pretty funny" feeling. KenS is a Ghostscript developer.

  > The problem is the paps file, it doesn't actually contain any
  > text at all, in a PostScript sense.

The response was

  > As the author of paps, I agree with the above description of
  > paps' inner workings. Indeed, I chose to create my own font
  > mechanism in the postscript language. That is history though
  > as I have just released a new version of paps that uses cairo
  > for its postscript, pdf, or svg rendering.

Maybe this new version does not fix mouse copying from a PDF generated
from paps' PS but it isn't in unstable anyway. (Furthermore, paps isn't
in testing due to a FTBFS).


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