On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 19:15:48 -0400, Ralph Katz wrote:

>Some searching would have saved time as we discussed this printer back
>in June without needing any plug-ins or non-debian software to get it
>working.  I posted:
>> I use the standard cups foomatic driver for your P1102w printer on
>> my very similar (or identical)  HP LaserJet Professional P1109w on
>> my stable/Jessie system.
>> Browsing to localhost:631/printers shows:
>>> Description:        Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet Professional P1109w 
>>> Driver:     HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Foomatic/foo2zjs-z2 (recommended)
>>> (grayscale, 2-sided printing) Connection:
>>> dnssd://HP%20LaserJet%20Professional%20P1109w._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/
>> [There is no 2-sided printing.]

Searching *was* done prior to posting. I ran a search on my entire
Debian mailing list hierarchy looking for p1102w or p1109w, as well as
trying a number of searches via DuckDuckGo to try to find any
information on the problem. 

Unfortunately the subject line of the thread you reference didn't
mention either printer - it was 

> USB printer CUPS stalls on "Sending data to printer"

Now if you feel that I'm in some way remiss in not interpreting this
as relating to my problem, then that is of course your privilege, just
the same as it's my privilege to regard you as someone trying to be a

My debian-user folder has somewhere in excess of 80,000 messages in
it. Not really too practical to search it manually. 


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